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Smartphones In November 2008

Seven years ago today I was a guest on the MobileAppsToday Podcast and talked about the T-Mobile G1, which was the first Android smartphone. Tonight I will participate in a seventh anniversary recording, and no doubt we will talk about … Continue reading

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Go Big Or Just Go

Welcome to my Nexus 6P week! What, you didn’t know that it was Nexus 6P week? Well, it is, you see this is the week that I might receive my new smartphone for 2015, the Google Nexus 6P manufactured for … Continue reading

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Improving Windows 10 Continuum

Despite being disparaged by practically everyone, Microsoft’s Windows 8 has left a mark on the personal computing landscape by creating a new product category, the 2-in-1. A 2-in-1 tablet (or laptop) looks like a laptop computer, but you can separate … Continue reading

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Me and My Moto 360 – What do I dislike?

In a previous article I wrote at length about what I like about my Moto 360. I said in that article that I am happy with my Moto 360 and wear it every day. While I am able to list … Continue reading

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Weird Phone Behavior

I just had the strangest experience with my Moto X. Last night I was not able to get to the passcode screen on my phone. I would slide the unlock button down and end up at a blank screen. Same … Continue reading

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