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How Many Computers Do You Use?

Another reason why equating the “personal” part of personal computing to a number is problematic is that today many people actually use multiple computers, all of which we want to work together to provide a seamless experience. The Internet and … Continue reading

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Maybe All Mobile Or Not

Recently Dave Winer wrote a blog post titled “It’s not all mobile” in which he questions Silicon Valley insiders who say the future of computing is all about mobile. Dave’s main premise is that the protocols of the Internet, including … Continue reading

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Speed Or Coverage?

I have recently switched my family’s mobile service provider from T-Mobile to AT&T. It was not a decision I took lightly as I’ve been an “original” customer of T-Mobile since it’s U.S. founding in 2002, and I actually signed up … Continue reading

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Samsung Emphasizes The Smarts Of Its Newest Smartphone

Like many, I watched the live stream of Samsung’s Galaxy S III announcement this afternoon (EST). I was amused by the grandiose scale of the presentation from the live orchestra providing the sound track to the sweeping video segments. Nobody … Continue reading

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