IA Writer For Android

IA Writer is a clean markdown editor for Android and I am running it on my Lenovo Duet. I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a year subscription with 30 day trial to see whether there is a use for it in my toolbag.

The main reason why I am interested in IA Writer is that I read the iOS an MacOS version recently got support for publishing via Micropub, which I could use to publish what I write to my blog. Unfortunately, that feature does not appear to be available in the Android app, however I note that their site doesn’t show the Micropub feature for any platform.

What I can do, however, is publish to my WordPress sites, so this might re-invigorate this site. This post is a test of publishing from IA Writer to WordPress and I found that the post gets saved as a draft I need to login in to WordPress to publish or install the WordPress app on the Duet.

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