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What I Use: Tablets

What I Use: – HTC Nexus 9 – Microsoft Surface 3 – Apple iPad Mini 4 Tablets are the most maligned category of personal computers, it seems you either love or hate them. I am in the love camp, and … Continue reading

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Smartphones In November 2008

Seven years ago today I was a guest on the MobileAppsToday Podcast and talked about the T-Mobile G1, which was the first Android smartphone. Tonight I will participate in a seventh anniversary recording, and no doubt we will talk about … Continue reading

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Introducing Near Field Communication (NFC)

Most devices today come with multiple wireless communication capabilities: WiFi and mobile broadband (3G or LTE) for Internet access, and Bluetooth for connecting to peripherals like headsets, keyboards, and mice, and all of these capabilities have existed for many years. … Continue reading

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The Top Four Platforms Of The Emerging Personal Computing Market

When we talk about the desktop and laptop computer market we typically break it down into two categories, which are the platforms upon which the desktop and laptop computer products exist. The two platforms are known as Macintosh and Wintel. … Continue reading

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