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Turn A Web Site Into A Chrome App

I’ve been using my new Chromebook, the Acer C720, since Christmas day, and so far I am enjoying the experience very much. As you may know, Chrome OS is designed to run web apps, and you can either run them … Continue reading

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What Do Chromebooks Mean To Personal Computing?

In a Computerworld article that I came across via Scripting News, I see that the number of Chromebooks sold in 2013 has increased significantly. Through November, Chromebooks account for 21% of all notebook computer sales, 10% of all computer and … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law vs. Good Enough

A transition is taking place in the computer industry. Most often this transition is described as Post-PC, but another way, maybe a more accurate way, to describe the transition is from Moore’s Law to Good Enough. Post-PC most commonly means … Continue reading

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Where The Past And Future Intersect

One thing I really like about social networks is how they allow me to follow the pioneers of the computer industry. I think we have an under appreciation for those who came before, who created and built the hardware and … Continue reading

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Can I Use A Chromebook?

I like to tinker with different operating systems, although the majority of the time I use Windows. At work I use either Windows 7 or 8, at home I have Windows 8 and OS X, and then of course I … Continue reading

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