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Voice Assistants Make For Real Personal Computing

The premise upon which I launched this site in 2011 is that unlike the common belief at the time that we were in the Post-PC era, I believe that we really are at the beginning of the true personal computing … Continue reading

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A Smarter Crib

Over the last couple of years my home has slowly been getting smarter. It started in the fall of 2014 when Amazon provided an offer to Prime subscribers to buy the Echo at a discount. At that time Echo was … Continue reading

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Google In Da House

In preparation for a podcast that I will participate in this weekend, I am thinking about my experience with Google Home. I am early adopter of the Amazon Echo, which I use to control my Hue lights, SmartThings, and Harmony … Continue reading

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What I Use: Tablets

What I Use: – HTC Nexus 9 – Microsoft Surface 3 – Apple iPad Mini 4 Tablets are the most maligned category of personal computers, it seems you either love or hate them. I am in the love camp, and … Continue reading

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Why I Like The Surface 3

I regularly use two tablets, a Nexus 9 and a Surface 3¬†and I also own an iPad 3. We use the iPad primarily for watching streaming video, and the Nexus 9 is my primary reading and couch surfing device. I’ve … Continue reading

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