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Google In Da House

In preparation for a podcast that I will participate in this weekend, I am thinking about my experience with Google Home. I am early adopter of the Amazon Echo, which I use to control my Hue lights, SmartThings, and Harmony … Continue reading

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What I Use: Tablets

What I Use: – HTC Nexus 9 – Microsoft Surface 3 – Apple iPad Mini 4 Tablets are the most maligned category of personal computers, it seems you either love or hate them. I am in the love camp, and … Continue reading

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Why I Like The Surface 3

I regularly use two tablets, a Nexus 9 and a Surface 3 and I also own an iPad 3. We use the iPad primarily for watching streaming video, and the Nexus 9 is my primary reading and couch surfing device. I’ve … Continue reading

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Personal Computing

Personal computing is browsing the web, playing music, watching movies, playing games, reading email, writing email, and creating documents. In short, it is everything I do for which a computer is the tool for getting done. Smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, and … Continue reading

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Curating and Sharing

One of the functions I serve in my role as technology consultant is to monitor a vast amount of information and identify important information to share with my peers and leaders. I try to boil down the information to a … Continue reading

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