Jawbone UP Time Zone Issue

I’ve been wearing the Jawbone UP wrist band since January after receiving one as a Christmas present. The UP tracks my activity and sleep and is an important part of my goal to increase my activity this year.

Jawbone UP Band

To configure the band and collect data from it you need to connect it to an iOS or Android smartphone and sync it with the UP app. The date and time is set on the UP using the current date and time settings of the smartphone.

Last week as I traveled around Lake Michigan I was in the central time zone and my HTC One automatically changed time zones. After I synced the UP with the HTC One the UP changed time zones, so the times shown in the app were on central time.

Upon returning home the HTC One changed back to eastern time, but despite this the UP continues to be on central time, and there is no setting in the UP app to change the wrist band to a different time or time zone.

  • I should point out that the times I see are in the app as there is no real way to directly see the current data and time on the band.

After searching the Jawbone support site, it appears other people are having the same problem and Jawbone has not provided a clear solution. Recommended solutions include:

    • Uninstalling the app and then re-installing it.
    • Clear the app data on Android phones.

When I first received the UP they did not have an Android app and therefore I installed the UP App on my iPad and synced with it. Later, after Jawbone released the UP Android app, I started syncing the wrist band with both my iPad and HTC One.

This morning I noticed that my iPad was not set to automatically change time zones. I configured the iPad to automatically change time zones, confirmed it was on the right time and time zone, and then synced the UP with the iPad. It appears that the UP is now using the eastern time, or at least the data in the app is on eastern time.

I don’t know if changing the time zone on the iPad did the trick, or just syncing with the iPad did the trick. If it is just the sync that may be due to the fact that I first setup the UP using my iPad and as far as it was concerned the HTC One is just a secondary device.

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