Beware Of The Socks

At their annual developers conference, going on right now in San Francisco, Evernote announced the Evernote Market, a store for an eclectic list of accessories and swag. From the market you can buy things like a Fujitsu Snapscan scanner and a Jot Script stylus that are logically paired with Evernote, and you can buy socks. Socks! Remember the last time a technology company sold socks?

I am sorry, but I don’t consider the fact that I can buy socks from Evernote to be a good sign, nor am I thrilled, as a long time Evernote user, that the Market is the big news from day 1 of the developer’s conference. Where is the update to Evernote for Android to puts it back on par with the iOS version?

Hopefully, not much developer resources at Evernote are not being spent on t-shirt and sock designs, but I am concerned with the idea that the company is spending any time at a developers conference announcing this stuff. What I want from Evernote are new features to their app that make me more productive.

For example, in light of the NSA revelations, how about providing a better way to encrypt entire notes or notebooks? I want to be sure the information that I put into Evernote is secure, I don’t care that I can buy a wallet with the Evernote logo embossed.

The Post-it note integration is the lone piece of news so far that is interesting to me as a user. The idea that I can take a picture of a Post-it note in Evernote and it automatically takes actions on the picture based on the color of the Post-it is a wonderful idea. It’s easier than the similar integration with Moleskin journals. It’s something I might actually use on a frequent basis. It’s also only available in the iOS version of Evernote.

Dave Winer’s attendance at the developers conference gives me hope that one day there may be an integration of his Fargo outliner, which I have grown to love, and Evernote, which I have loved for a long time. One thing that Evernote does not do well is provide structure, while Fargo is all about structure. I hope the integration is more than just flat publishing like exists with the Fargo integration with WordPress.

Today is the last day of the conference, so I hold out hope that at least they will release a new Android version, its frustrating that significant new features are released first on iOS. I am looking forward to reading what Dave Winer writes about the conference, as an outside developer he will have an objective view of the product’s direction.

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  1. Frank says:

    Couldn’t agree more, I hope more people could see this article, I sincerely wish the developers can devote their efforts in improving the app rather than marketing overpriced crap I couldn’t care less of.

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