Pocket Casts Interruptus

Up until recently I have been very happily using Pocket Casts for listening to podcasts on my HTC One. Something has changed, with either my phone or with Pocket Casts that has been driving me crazy for the last several months. For some reason, Pocket Casts is automatically pausing playback of podcast episodes and it is occurring whether I am in a car or sitting in my house.

  • Update: I’ve received an email from Shifty Jelly that this is a known bug that will be fixed in their next update.

Frankly, the problem is driving me crazy because I have not been able to find a logical reason for it to be occurring. The problem seems to be accelerometer related because it happens at slower speeds rather than at faster speeds.

The most common way I use Pocket Casts is to listen to podcasts in my vehicle during my commutes to and from work. I have a 2013 GMC Terrain that supports Bluetooth connections to cell phones, and my phone connects automatically to the car once I get inside and turn it on. I use the GMC MyLink entertainment center in my car to select Bluetooth audio, and I can configure Pocket Casts to send the track information and support external controls on the entertainment center.

Pocket Casts Respond to External Controls

Of course, I’ve tried a variety of combinations of Pocket Casts settings to resolve the problem, none of which is a fix. Further, I also experience the problem simply listening to a podcast when at work or at home, which means to me the problem is not related to my car. I can sit and watch the Pocket Casts playback and watch it “automatically” pause and if I wait a few minutes, playback will resume. If I force playback to start, it does, but the pausing does not stop.

Now the weird thing is, that in my car, once I reach a certain speed, usually over 50 miles an hour, the pausing no longer occurs. If I slow down, the pausing resumes. I cannot think of what other troubleshooting steps to try, and I have reviewed the apps on my phone to remove the ones that may be interfering. If anyone has ideas for what I can try, please send them to me.

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2 Responses to Pocket Casts Interruptus

  1. Barry says:

    The only factor linked directly to your problem is the speed of your vehicle. If you are using a docking station linked to the vehicle’s power supply, this could be a point of investigation. Maybe your electrical power output from your battery/alternator improves at speeds higher than 50mph.
    Try using a power supply independant of the vehicle!

  2. Frank says:

    Good idea. However, I see the problem when I have the phone unplugged, running on its battery. I installed Doggcatcher, which has the benefit of having a log and it indicates that some other app is requesting audio focus. I suspect it might be the HTC Music app, as I have removed all other audio apps like Google Play, Amazon MP3, etc.. Unfortunately, I can’t uninstall nor disable it nor the Music Enhancer.

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