More (Real) Personal Computing

The Code Conference, which is the reborn version of All Things D, occurred this past week and amongst those interviewed was Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. During the interview Satya made reference to the “more personal computing” era.

Apparently, some were confused by the reference, so after the interview Satya used Twitter to provide more explanation. By “more personal” Satya means:

Satya then elaborates on each item above:

Satya concludes: “The most powerful OS in the world is still the human being, that’s what drives us into the more personal computing era”

If you are a regular reader of this site, you might find what Satya is saying to be familiar. Using other terms, Satya describes what I have been calling real personal computing. The transformation of the definition of personal in personal computing from being a number, as in one person uses the computer at a time, to representing the type of computing that is done, computing that is enabled by software and the Internet across multiple devices.

In observation of the decline of tablet computing sales, Leo Laporte has been making the claim that we are in an a “post, post PC” era. Leo is equating “post PC” to tablets and believes people are concluding all they really need is a smartphone and a notebook or desktop computer.

My response to Leo is that there never really has been a post PC, as in the end of the PC, era. Instead what has really been happening ever since Apple introduced the iPhone is a transformation of what we have always understood personal computing to mean. The result is emergence of real personal computing, or in Satya’s words, more personal computing.

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