Use A Keyboard With Your Tablet To Increase Productivity

If you use a tablet at work, you probably fall into one of two camps, either you use a portable keyboard case in which you carry the tablet, or you use the tablet without a keyboard and use it for referencing information. You enjoy the portability of the tablet and the ability to be productive as you move between appointments, but when you get back to your desk the tablet most likely goes unused until the next time you leave your desk.

I’ve recently found a way to increase my productivity by using my tablet while sitting at my desk, and the key component is the Logitech K480 keyboard. Each morning when I get to work I drop my Nexus 9 in a slot on the K480, placing it right below my computer monitor and in a position where I can easily see what is on the tablet. The K480 connects via bluetooth to my notebook and tablet computers and I can easily switch the keyboard between the two, making it easy to quickly enter text on the tablet.

During the day I keep my to-do list displayed on my Nexus 9, which helps me keep focused on the tasks I need to complete. If I am attending an online meeting or watching a webinar on the computer monitor, I can easily take notes using Evernote on the tablet. In short, what I find is that once you have a way to easily use a physical keyboard with a tablet you will find ways in which it can make you more productive.

The Logitech K480 is just under twelve inches wide, eight inches tall and weighs just under two pounds, so it is designed to sit on a desk rather than be carried around, although I find it fits easily in a computer bag. The physical dimensions put the keyboard on par in size with most notebook computer keyboards. In fact, the keys are the same size as on my notebook and are spaced far enough apart that I can type comfortably.

In addition to a full compliment of QWERTY keys and a number row, there is a row of function keys at the top that are programmed to perform many common tablet functions. For example, the F1 key is also the Android home button and the F2 key is the Android app switcher.

The K480 supports bluetooth connections with Android tablets and smartphones, iOS tablets and smartphones, along with computers running Windows, Mac OS, or Chrome OS. What makes the K480 different from other bluetooth keyboards is that you can configure it to connect to up to three different devices and easily switch between the three.

To switch between what device the keyboard connects to you move a dial, located at the top left of the keyboard, between three different positions. For example, the first device my K480 connects to is my notebook computer, the second device is the Nexus 9, and I simply switch the dial between the two positions as I move from computer to tablet.

A slot located along the top of the K480 provides a place to set a tablet in landscape, or if you prefer, there is enough space for a tablet and smartphone in portrait orientation. The slot positions tablets at a perfect viewing angle to be seen while typing.

At a cost of $49, the Logitech K480 is not the cheapest tablet keyboard on the market, but it is cheaper than the Microsoft Universal keyboard that also connects to multiple devices and costs $64. If you are looking for bluetooth keyboard to use with a computer, and you use a tablet and smartphone, I think you will be pleased with the functionality that the K480 provides and therefore recommend it for your consideration.

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