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Go Big Or Just Go

Welcome to my Nexus 6P week! What, you didn’t know that it was Nexus 6P week? Well, it is, you see this is the week that I might receive my new smartphone for 2015, the Google Nexus 6P manufactured for … Continue reading

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Me and My Moto 360 – What do I dislike?

In a previous article I wrote at length about what I like about my Moto 360. I said in that article that I am happy with my Moto 360 and wear it every day. While I am able to list … Continue reading

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Me And My Moto 360 – What do I like?

I’ve been wearing a Moto 360 for a little over six months, so I thought now would be a good time to share some of my experience with using this Android Wear smartwatch. I’ll be writing about the Moto 360 … Continue reading

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User IDs and App Stores

Google recently released Version 4.2 of Android, or as they like to call it, a new “flavor” of Jelly Bean. One of the cool new features in this version of Android is the support for multiple users on a tablet, … Continue reading

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Introducing Near Field Communication (NFC)

Most devices today come with multiple wireless communication capabilities: WiFi and mobile broadband (3G or LTE) for Internet access, and Bluetooth for connecting to peripherals like headsets, keyboards, and mice, and all of these capabilities have existed for many years. … Continue reading

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