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Creepy Or Intelligent?

It has been an exciting couple of weeks of announcements, starting with Apple announcing iOS 6 and the Macbook Retina, Microsoft surprising us by announcing they are selling their own tablet, and Google announcing Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, and … Continue reading

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Samsung Emphasizes The Smarts Of Its Newest Smartphone

Like many, I watched the live stream of Samsung’s Galaxy S III announcement this afternoon (EST). I was amused by the grandiose scale of the presentation from the live orchestra providing the sound track to the sweeping video segments. Nobody … Continue reading

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Installing Android On A HP Touchpad

I gained a new tablet computer this weekend, but I didn’t go to the Apple store, Best Buy, or order one from Amazon, instead I followed the instructions on webOS Nation to install CyanogenMod on my HP Touchpad. CyanogenMod is … Continue reading

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Personal Computing Biases

We all have biases, the difference is that some people are better at not wearing their biases on their sleeves than others. In the tech world our biases are most commonly expressed through the computer gear we use. A person … Continue reading

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It’s Not About The Number Of Platforms But Rather The Amount Of Change

Conventional thinking is that the mobile market, or what I call the real personal computing market, will be the same as what we have known as the personal computer market. Over time the original personal computer market consolidated until there … Continue reading

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